Maki Gotos sista konsert

2011-12-06, 15:30:00 / Kategori: J-Pop Nyheter

I söndags höll Maki sin sista konsert innan hon nu tar paus från underhållningsvärlden.  Konserten kallades G-Emotion FINAL~for you~ och hölls två gånger samma kväll.

"As the last scene before my hiatus, I wanted a live where I could enjoy it by becoming one with the fans. I wanted to show everyone the one-man live I haven’t done since transferring to Avex."

Maki hade nio olika outfits och sjöng 24 låtar. Hon fick även sällskap av flera av Dream Morning Musumes medlemmar på scenen och tillsammans sjöng de Makis debut låt i Morning Musume, LOVE Machine.

Until we meet again. First of all, thank you so much until today. During my break, I want to do my best while looking forward to the day we meet again. I’ll never forget everyone, so everyone, don’t forget nor cheat on me! I haven’t made any plans after my hiatus. I want to slowly think about it after my live. It was a long yet short, a short yet long 13 years. Above all, I’m grateful to have met the many fans, staff, and friends. I will go on break from tomorrow, but I am so happy to hold a stage performance while being watched over by my colleagues. Thank you very much.




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